Artist Statement

I explore relationships between form, surface and material. I am interested in how forms and materials affect us physically and psychologically. Nests, topography and structures have influenced my work. Recent work investigates binding and constraint, and materials including wrapping, covering and bending.

Observing and researching the natural world helps me see cycles and patterns. The tension of intersecting human and natural landscapes fascinates me, hybrid areas where the human and non-human worlds intersect. The San Francisco Bay Area inspires me, where hybrid landscapes of culture and nature evolve, mixtures of hills, structures, transport systems, flora, saltwater and fog. Traveling to and visiting protected lands inspires me, observing human infrastructure compete with natural limitations including topography and climate.

The process of creating, of experimenting, is as important as the end result. Creating involves this transformative process between idea and object; something may be lost in making concepts tangible, yet something is gained in the resulting surprise. Drawings may begin as blueprint for form development, yet often diverge and become their own destination.